New York Faux PainterDo you remember the podcast I did with Dawn Papandrea-Khan? She is the New York State Faux and Mural Painter that owns Surfaces With Paint.

I just checked out her blog… and she is posting some amazing faux painting pictures and pictures of her murals.

I have been in the business for years… and I am still amazed at other faux painter talents.

Check out the Surfaces With Paint blog here: New York Faux Painter

Have you ever wondered if you really need a website? Do faux painters and mural artist get new customers from websites?  

The answer is Yes and Yes!  

Mural Artist New York Childrens Kids


Part 2 of my interview with Dawn Papandrea-Khan of Surfaces With Paint in New York proves it.  Dawn took several months to learn to build her own website, and boy did she do a fantastic job.

You have to remember that Dawn has two small children ages 2 and 3 and she is painting of course… so for her to have learned everything that is needed to put up such a professional looking site is downright amazing. 

I share an advertising secret I have used when painting at businesses. You have to use this simple idea… you will be amazed at the calls you will get.

Should you charge for client consultations? Dawn and I discuss the pros and cons of this sticky issue and why she has switched from free consultation to paid consultations. 

Do you charge for samples? You should… Dawn tells us why and we share a tidbit on copyrights for your sample boards. 

Have you checked out the MuralsPlus forum yet? Dawn shares one tip she got from this forum that has helped her weed out lots of potential clients that aren't really serious. She shares it with us in this interview. 

Can you take Credit Card Payments for your Faux Painting and Mural work? If not… find out how Dawn does this…. so easy! I was stunned at how easy she makes it for her and her customers. 

Oh… and how about a discussion on hiring assistants? Yep… we go into that as well. I describe my perfect assistant and how I wish I could clone her… yes, she was the perfect assistant. 

The biggest question for all of you that do have websites? Have you submitted yours to any directories? Dawn has done some of the legwork for you and listed many of the faux painting directories for you… check it out in this interview. You will also find out why it is so important to have your website linked in these directories.

Visit Dawns Website:

Click on the Blue Arrow to play or the tiny orange mp3 logo to download.

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A successful faux painting business requires a constant stream of returning and new clients. Most decorative artists find that advertising in the local newspaper is a waste of time and money… so how about a few new twists on some old ideas?

I met Dawn through my newsletter and blog. We have only met in cyberspace and on the telephone, but Dawn had such enthusiasm and great ideas that I just had to get her on a podcast. After a bit of schedule shuffling we finally got together and boy did I get some cool ideas!

New York Mural PainterDawn Papandrea-Khan and I had a fantastic interview. In fact it lasted so long… I had to cut it into two different sessions.  In Part 1, Dawn shares some interesting ideas for easy, inexpensive marketing (advertising) your faux painting business directly to the most likely potential clients.

The name of Dawn's company is Surfaces with Paint which is located in Westchester and Putnam Co., New York.  She has done an amazing job of creating her own business websites. 





On the call we discuss

  • The issue of sales tax.
  • Loosing your business partner.
  • How to learn professional finishes without classes.
  • Why I recommend an accountant for every small business.
  • Dealing with competition and why you should be friends with them.
  • The only difference between a good painter and a great painter might be the way the floor looks when the job is done.
  • Why you should have several finishes that you could do in your sleep.
  • The challenges of being a full time mom and owning a business.

Dawn tells all of us what her biggest faux painting challenge has been. It required tiny brushes and the Catholic Church. You will have to listen to the call to find out what the challenge was. 

Here are some of the business marketing ideas we discussed for faux and mural painters : 

  • Signs on your car
  • Signs for the job site
  • Door-to-Door sales
  • Construction site advertising
  • Join a business networking group
  • of course… Word of Mouth, Business Cards and Flyer's

Westchester and Putnam County New York Murals


Be sure to check back next week for part two of my interview with Dawn Papandrea-Khan of Surfaces with Paint.


Her website is filled with many great ideas for a faux painting artist's website.  

Dawn is also very interested link exchange with other artists…

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